Cyclone ©Huw McGregor 2003.

For Clarinet and Tape 11’07”

Written for Perryn Clement-Evans

Cyclone Image


This work is an extracted view of our short and brief existence. The human race is just a blip in the development of time. As the world turns, we become preoccupied with desires to develop completely, and in doing many of us can find our self in a monotonous routine. Cyclone is a reflective view of this monotony, through musical performance. The work describes a day in the life from dawn to dusk where the individual through his/her monotonous influences finds freedom in reflection. A dream-like reflection on previous experience as a youngster brings the work to a climax and conclusion! The work is dependent on very structural themes, which intensify as the work develops. Cyclone is the explosion of activity, which is the Human race in the fullness of time, but also refers to the column of air through the instrument.

© Huw McGregor 2015