Instrumental Piping

Instrumental Piping 2003- Boiler and Water system ensemble.


A collaborative work arranged by Huw McGregor. The inspiration for this work came from the boiler situated in a flat in  Bangor North Wales. With tap control, the boiler could issue a reverberant vibration through from the kitchen and up the passageway where you would be met by the accompanying sounds from the bathroom plumbing. The delight for us all who listened was the variety of rhythmic, and textural voices the system had to offer. From the gentle ticking of the boiler firing up to the thunderous drone moving and rattling the pipe work.

This work has captured the essence of the system playing as an ensemble.

imp-with-boiler med hr
boiler-musicimp med hr-2




Stelios Giannolakis – Electric Guitar

Robert MacKay - Flute

Huw McGregor – ‘Cello

© Huw McGregor 2015