Llan Pass

Llan Pass 12’23”

(Tape) 2 channel work for diffusion.

Image from the top of Snowdon Clouds lower down in the distance and the sun shinning bright.

Llan Pass is a both a descriptive explanation of the processes involved, as well as a point of geographical reference. The work is a conscious artistic reflection of the mountain trails of Snowdonia. Leading from the lower hills and waters of Llanberis up and over the pass. Should one have the joy of meeting the sun with the morning dew enveloping the mountains in an array of light, until the elements meet it's climax with the radiated warmth of the morning sun, you can understand the lift in ones well being upon viewing such a sight.

The outward spectacle also gives way to inward reflection, and as we begin to shed the strain of unnatural belonging, we focus on the greater picture and are consumed by the idea of a sense of place. In this case, the moment of our situation that is awe-inspiring, and it consumes us in our gaze before we are released to continue our path changed, inspired and reinvigorated. 

Sounds include Glasses in washing up bowl, Water and Rain Fall, Helicopter, Drum, Voice, 'Cello, Bass, Synth. With thanks for R.H.Humphreys for sharing the Thunder.

This work was performed at New York Electroacoustic Festival and the International Computer Music Conference in 2014.

© Huw McGregor 2015