Xhosa Click (Coming Soon)

‘Xhosa Click’



‘Xhosa Click’ has been inspired by the natural soundscape of South Africa. The introduction Soundscape arrangement has been taken from Port St John, which is surrounded by one of the last remaining indigenous forests in South Africa. This soundscape is a rare scene even in South Africa, and the recording taken from the peak of a hill, which overlooks the town and forest enclaves. This stereo recording is arranged from larger recording taken from three in the morning, and its spatial depth sets the tone for the following work.

‘Xhosa Click’ explores the rhythmic meter of ‘Iqaq’ a traditional African folk story. I am certain that these clicks have their origins from our very first utterances as the ancient man. I am also convinced that as the birds do, that our early human ancestors would have taken their cues from the environment and even mimicked local animal species. Cockatiel is one species that also clicks to show that they are at ease and are still prevalent in the soundscape.


With thanks to Port St John Museum, Andrew Tracy, who’s Passion, kindness and Inspiration lives through ILAM repository of African music and the children he inspires.




© Huw McGregor 2015