AMM Project


The Affordable Ambisonic Microphone Project

This is my page for an affordable ambisonic microphone which is ideal for recording soundscapes to include in you VR productions. I must stress all I have done is collected the information and data together in order so that it may be possible to make your own Ambisonic Microphone. This work heavily rests on the work of some people who are a lot smarter than me, so please follow the links explore their work further if you want to get to grips with the technology.

It has taken a lot of research and design work to bring this project to you, and what you see here is the 4 iteration of the design which includes a very nice and clean and sensitive set of preamplifiers which are phantom powered. This is a fully balanced design with a transistor based amplifier. 

My idea behind this project is to build an ambisonic microphone which would be low cost and open source, therefore all the parts you need to make this microphone are readily available. I have also been considering a standard of recording for this project, but you can adapt and make changes to your own build as you progress.


Firstly, before you begin with this build you might also consider building the CCRMA Stanford model which was designed by Fernando Lopez-Lezcano and the SpHear project. The code to their ambisonic microphone as well as higher order configurations can be found here:

This is a fantastic project, and a more detailed paper on how they calibrated their microphone can be found here:

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