Conceptual Modes from SOundscape to Acousmatic

Dealing with Soundscape within a Compositional Framework.

Paper Coming Soon!

This paper addresses the way space is used within Electroacoustic Compositions, focusing particularly on the inclusion of Soundscape field recordings within such works.  The implications of juxtaposing non-manipulated Soundscape recordings with more esoteric or abstract Acousmatic material within a piece will be considered with reference to my recent compositions.  To do this, the paper will examine varied listening approaches and behaviors that are psycho-acoustically linked to environment, memory, and chemical behavior. The depth of phenology which becomes apparent in such an examination reveals the depth of our conceptual thinking when exploring some of the external boundaries of space and temporal space, both within a compositional framework and as observers of the world around us.

Paradigm for Conceptual Modes Leading from outer space to inner space
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