Tweeter Pods Coming Soon

In considering options for tweeters for Sound diffusion Purposes, I consider that as the performance of electroacoustic music develops, we will begin to see more varied diffusion systems. As the discipline moves into more theoretical spatial development, I see that there will be a need for a variety tweeter arrays, which can easily be organised to the composers specification. 


The drawing board images you see below are my first renderings for arrays. The Mk1 conceals six tweeters at opposite axis.

I decided to keep them an open frame in design so there will be no resonant boosting issues, but I can understand if this is not as appealing cosmetically.This design also keeps down on weight, and materials.The small plate is where the stand attachment or flying hoop will go. 

The design as you can see has only three designed parts and in construction will only consist of 5 frame parts. 

The tweeters themselves have a frequency response from 4khz up to 30Khz and are a typical horn design. Inside the frame, I also consider that a crossover can be built in.

The project is still in the machining stage, and I hope to have a first prototype for testing soon.

Tweeter Pods
Tweeter Pod Parts

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