Karlsruhe Dawn

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Schloss Gottesaue School of Music

I was fortunate enough to be selected to present some work at MUSA 2016 Conference in Karlsruhe. I found the city soundscape most interesting here, predominantly due to the city zoo located centrally around Hauptbahnhof boasting pink Flamingos and Elephants. Though the zoo offered some interesting pickings for the purposes of recordings, my interest was drawn more and more to the street soundscape. The main methods of transport in Karlsruhe seem to be Bike, Tram, and Car, and I must say that during my stay, I never saw a traffic jam. Indeed the amount of traffic found at a set of lights would not seem to exceed 4 or 5 cars, making the whole city experience feel more relaxed than others I could mention. As I will explain further, the trams were also quite a feature of the city and provided comprehensive service to and from all major districts. 

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As the birds gently open the day, we hear the fascinating echoes reverberating through the tall streets, with apartment blocks, heading up to 3 or 4 stories high. These recordings were taken in early July 2016, and the warmth of summer was well under way. The streets would seem to equalize the sounds that can be heard, providing a deeper bass sound to motor vehicles. These long reverberating caverns, therefore, would compliment a choir, and as the trams begin the service, traveling beyond the head of the road, their squealing brakes can be imagined like an ephemeral choir of mourning apparitions wisping their way amongst the trees and on past the window. Due to the nature of the each tram being so different, we find the older ones are a little more dramatic in their sonic emission, and it is certainly these which give the most sonic interest. Some of which could be, equal to that of a tone of a large panpipe or bass flute.

I managed to get a few of these recordings before I left, so will let you enjoy them as they come, alternatively you can also go and check out some of the other sounds collected from Karsruhe here:

Dawn Ostendstraβe 1.7.2016 4:54am

Dawn Ostendstraβe 4.7.2016 5:14 am

Early Morning Ostendstraβe 4.7.2016 7:03 am

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