Moel Eithinen: House Martin Position

House Martin : Delichon urbica

Currently on the RSPB's Amber List!

Moel Eithinen is one of the mountains that make up part of the Clwydian Range. With stunning views from the hill fort, It is not only a popular tourist destination but also forms part of the Offa's Dyke. I intend to do much more exploring around this area, recording sounds from the higher uplands, but firstly not wanting to stray too far away, here is a recording of the delightful chirping of these house martins at Moel Eithinen Farm. As well as their signaling call, the gurgling chirping is highly complex and quick, akin to a trill in a musical score , this quick succession of vocalisations also cover quite a large frequency spectrum as can be seen from the spectrogram from 1khz upward. This spectrogram also shows the recurrence speed of the utterance in just under 1.5 seconds we get a rapid succession of beatings, each with their own detailed rhythmic pattern.


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