Nant Trefechan Brook Dusk

Zoom Tre 2.1

This is an excerpt of an over 3 hour long recording taken from 5pm onward. The continuous background noise is the river, which sets the mood, and the expecting rain is vocalised through the audible species. 

This recording has been taken at the point where the Trefechan Brook turns back on itself in a 'U' shape. The Microphone was placed set back about 2m on top of a bank exactly at the bottom of the 'U' where it captured the sound scape at mid tree level. There is a a natural acoustic interest to this area as it creates a type of natural amphitheatre for the animals to make their vocalisations, which can then be heard reverberating up the valley.

There is great depth in sound, as well as fascinating interplay between species. Blackbirds, Bluetits, Chaffinch, Coaltits, Greatits, Green Finch, Ren, to name a few.

This Second recording was taken the following evening after the rain. The whole recording is much more gentile in nature and the vocalisations are not as pressing.

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