Newtown/Penycae Forest

Here is a short recording of Newtown Pine Forest settling into dusk. Cuckoo, Grazing Sheep and Blackbirds are some of the wildlife to be heard here. Having been in similar Pine forests only to find them void of sound. This pine forest sits adjacent to a more traditional forest enclave which surrounds the river. This seems to benefit the pine forest with a few nesting birds, but in terms of sound what we have been a traditional forest soundscape bleeding through into this more barren pine forest. The adjacent forest you can still evidence the ruins of the old town of Newtown, which I have been told by locals used to house a couple of hundred people, who would have either been working the moorland, or working in the mining industry. The image below shows the forest from inside.

Pine Forrest New Town Penycae

This image shows the end of the Top Reservoir leading into the forest enclave.

End of Top Resevoir

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