Roundhay Park Leeds

This 5 minute recording captures a lonely Great tit Parus Major making his calls across the park, I don't often leave in the recording the sound of me shuffling trying to get closer to a bird but in this instance it is import and that we reflect on the duration of the Great Tits call, undisturbed by external influences. Listening to the pitches in this recording we discover key tone of the recording settles around 100htz which sounds pretty constantly through the recording.The Calls of the Parus Major run at a constant interval of 3403htz to 4528htz, that is until you hear the sound of the tourist train starting its engines and begins to climb uphill. What fascinates me in this recording is you hear the Parus Majors call change ever so incrementally upward in microtones as the train accelerates upward in pitch. The Prius Major ends up a whole tone above its original call, but also by investigating the sonogram we can see that the species control of the pitch has become unstable, as though he is trying to find the right note. We can also note that the duration of call has shortened a great deal. Unsatisfied by the effect, he then suddenly inverts his call to begin with the higher note first at 4773htz to the lower note at 3536htz. You will note that the interval has now changed from a diminished fourth to an octave, creating a dramatic effect, but in listening what we hear is that the effect is a spatial one, the call now can be heard to reverberate much further within the surrounding park, and I can only infer from this that the Prius Major is employing different calls to different spatial effect. In other words a call for localised distribution, and a call for distance communication. The call would also seem to be directional as the calls would be cast in different directions by the Species.

Great Tit calls with no reply

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The Arena

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Lake Waterloo

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Black Headed Gull Lorus Ridibundus

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