Ruabon Mountain | Snapping Seeds Linnet's and Curlew

Gorse Seed Snapping 2

In further exploring Trefechan Brook and its attributes, we came across a group of birds creating a chatter around some Gorse bushes. The bird song was so intriguing as we didn't recognise it as as a native. We managed to press record hurriedly to capture these little birds before they moved away. I struggled to Identify this bird, but with the help of: Phil Woollen from it was identified as a Linnet.

Their song if notated would would be written as 1st, 4th minor 3rd (Blues Riff). 

Gorse 1

Entranced by the birds, we suddenly realised that there was another sound all around. The seeds on the Gorse bush were exploding with such force you can hear them snap. This subtle snapping must be drawing the birds, giving them access to a precious food source. The following recording you can hear that the smaller birds have moved away leaving the snapping of the seeds,  you can also hear a Curlew soaring around us.The effect of the seeds flying off into the air is like a broadcast, and indeed we were hit several times by the seeds whilst recording. 

Gorse seed snapping

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