Sioe cŵn Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd Sheep Dog Trials

This is a Recording of Llanbedr Sheepdog trials on the 20th of June 2015.This is a very small rural event, which was originally set up by Matilda Evans. The event has been a long running appointment for a host of proffessional sheep dog runners, bringing in competition from the Netherlands and even New Zealand. The event is certainly dwindling in numbers which may be a reflection of the changing landscape within the farming community. The winner for the competition was Hefin Jones of Rhydymain Dolgellau.

The microphones were placed right next to the Judge and Time keeper, which was as close to the competitor as possible. There is a small amount of wind on this recording, but doesn't detract from the overall soundscape. You will hear Birdlife, snippets of conversation from the crowd, footsteps from the sheep running close, as well as the natural landscape. House Martin's, Buzzard and Heron were spotted on this day.

As well as the long reverberant echoes coming from the hills, you can also identify the remarkable range of different whistles used by the competitors. I consider the possibility weather these whistles change in pitch as competitors go to and from different environment, or that they are locked to a certain frequency to ensure reliability of signal between the competitor and his dog. I also consider that the whistles may be differentiated between competitors as though we perceive different dialects. Volume of competitors change of course with competitors build, and could be related to the area in which the competitor must make his whistle heard on his homestead. All leading to show that there is a fascinating study  to be explored in this field, which could deepen our understanding rural sounds and colloquial dialects.


© Huw McGregor 2015