Tree For Life: Fall Walk

Priority Site Water Falls, these falls are a small tributary of the River Moriston which finally leads to Loch Ness. In addition to this, some of the recordings have been very subtly changed to bring out the hidden depths of such a complex sound. My approach with this work utilizes several different methods of production. To begin the work, we find a long rather unnerving sweep from the imaginary underwater world into the full saturation of pink noise of the Water Falls. This section of the work then juxtaposes between the dense pink noise of the rapids with the rumbling pitches of nearby rivulets. Fades in this early section of the work are obviously conducted in post production, but halfway through the work, the fades are conducted predominantly by manually and mindfully moving the microphone in a careful, measured, and controlled manner between the rapids. The Work concludes with a beautiful tinkling sound of a rivulet with the distant noise of the falls, which accompanies the local species higher up in the trees.


SOund Walk Notes

I'm not really accustomed to sound walks, and in conducting this walk I discovered that there are some principal dynamics which might be considered before undertaking such project. 

First of all, become aware of the geography. This is true of any type of recordings, but for this have an Idea of the route you might take. For this recording, the journey was easily mapped out, as my recording would take its route following the paths around the river. However be careful, when concentrating of capturing a good recording it can be easy to loose your footing. 

Secondly, become tuned to your environment,techniques like breathing and meditation can help to do this, and can allow you to become more involved with the soundscape you are trying to capture. Fundamentally this will help to guide your movements in time with the environment allowing for a much more natural sounding recording.

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